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Situated in the centre of Catalonia, in the south –east of the province of Lleida. It is an area which is full of surprises for the visitor, with its varied cultural and artistic offer.

Interpretation Center of the Castles of Sió - Concabella

It is certainly spectacular to explore the pathways and valleys of La Seggara. In fact, it is said to have most Castles in Catalonia, castles which are an integral part of the landscape and which create a real medieval atmosphere. Today you can make the Route of the Castles of Sió


Lips Major Place Village of Guissona

Situated on a site which has been inhabited since the Iron Age, according to what the excavations indicate, was a roman town with the Iberian name Iesso, the ruins of which have been partially uncovered in the north of the town. part of the medieval wall can still be seen (Portal de l’ Angel) as well as a great many cobbled streets. More information at


View of the city of Cervera

County capital since the twelfth century, is a town with a long history. The town had its days of greatest splendour at the beginning of the sixteenth century when, amongst other privileges, it had the honour to be home to the only university that exited in Catalonia at that time. Besides visiting the university building, the visitor can admire other monuments such as the churches of Santa Maria, Sant Pere de Gros, Sant Antoni, as well as La Paeria, the old part of the town with its walls, the Duran Museum and Sanpere...or the typical witches' alley.

The region of La Segarra

Segarra made human-sized region (17,000 inhabitants), in the heart of Catalonia, a crossroads of civilizations, a stronghold of conquest and reconquest, the land of castles, churches and chapels that transport us to a past steeped in history and legends.

Castle of les Sitges. La Segarra

Segarra border of Christians and Saracens, where the lovers keep track of time will enjoy a number of castles - Montcortés, l'Aranya, the Pallargues, Los Silos, Florejacs, Vicfred, Ratera - and imposing towers lookout that dot the landscape, like the tower of Vallferosa, with 33 m high is considered one of the largest in Western Europe.

View of colours in the Segarra

La Segarra, earth roads, invites you to enjoy the changing landscapes of their crops, spring green, gold at the time of harvest until all browns of autumn and winter. Marked paths are a good network to practice on it hiking, biking and horseback riding with peace and quiet.

Segarra is a land of handicrafts, is the mix of work and elements that invites people to search all the variety of products in development.

Roman market in the city of Iesso - Guissona

La Segarra has a particular food that actually makes going to the pan the landscape around us. Pork, game meats and cakes are transformed into a partridge in vinaigrette, pig's feet or pies. And delicious sweet and junipers, carquinyolis, plumes of snow angel and irrigated with aromas of Segarra or ratafia.

An identity of a unique land, The Segarra: a land of castles, roads and cuisine to make your stay unforgettable.

Mapping La Segarra

Cartographic map La Segarra

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Download map of the region of La Segarra here.