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Landscape. Caminos de La Segarra

Les Pletes is a country house surrounded by nature, in the middle of La Segarra, a county where the four seasons are clearly defined.

Located in the heart of Catalonia allows us to be very close to the mountains of the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean beach.

Where we are

Village of Talteüll. La Segarra region

Les Pletes is a country house of Talteül, which is part of the municipal area of Massoteres. Talteüll is a hamlet situated at the top of a hill, from which you enjoy a wonderful panoramic view. Worth a special mention are the Romanesque church of Sant Pere with two steeples and the castle of Talteüel, to which reference is made in 1014.

Special family and group

Special family and group

The Cottage Les Pletes has a special annex space for friends and families. Where you can hold bachelor parties, birthdays, communions, meetings of 50 years, wedding gold and silver, etc..

You can also hold business meetings in small format as seminars, conferences and any celebration of interest.

The room is equipped with ceramic hob, fridge and freezer industrial dishwasher, microwave, barbecue, kitchen utensils, furniture, etc..

In addition, the space has a large area of 100 m2 which is complemented by a leisure area with foosball, billiards and ping-pong.

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Les Pletes. Country House

Swimming pool in front of the contry hosue Les Pletes

The Beginnings

The farmhouse Les Pletes is an isolated farmhouse, built in the eighteenth century (year 1703). At that time, it seems that the house was one of the places where livestock was passing step. That is, practiced transhumance. Hence comes the name of "pletes" (fold). Subsequently, the main source of income for this farm was the vineyard.

Pictures of Les Pletes early twentieth century.

When the house was inhabited twenty – two years ago, there was some small scale pig and goat farming. The building where the pigs were fattened can still be seen today, although it is no longer in use. It was rehabilitated to fence in the flock of 450 sheep, as they could pasture in the forests which surrounded Les Pletes.

At present, all the vines of that time are now used for growing cereals, especially corn and barley. But, as the farmers say: "no es pot dir blat, que no sigui al sac i ben lligat" (can not say wheat, until that will is in bag and is been well tied).

Conversion to country house

In the year 2001, the farmhouse Les Pletes was restored and converted for its use in the circuit of Rural Tourism. It fits into the category of independent rural accommodation.

The reforms of the house have been carried out following the principles of functionality and comfort. A swimming pool has been added and the typology of a country house has been preserved: stone walls, wooden beams, the original plaster coverings, fireplace, a cellar,....

The enlargements

Initially it sleeps 8 people. In 2006, this house has been extended. A multipurpose room of about 100 square meters. This room consists of a kitchen and a barbecue with tables and chairs; in this room also we can find a ping-pong table, a billiards and a table football. It was later added to the multipurpose room a dishwasher and a refrigerator and a ceramic industrial type cooking also below. Therefore in the house are two kitchens.

Special room for gropus and meetings

Layout of the house

The house has central heating, a television, a fully equipped kitchen, fridge, dishwasher, barbecue,...

In the ground floor, before the multipurpose room, is a suite room with a double bed and two individual beds in the attic of this room. This before was a rabbit breeder.

In the entrance of the door of the stairs, a marriage room has been added.

Within the precincts of the house has built a football field of 40x20 meters

After the last reform Les Pletes has capacity for 19 people, distributed of the following way

  • A quadruple room (suite), that consists of 1 double bed and 2 individual bed in the attic of the room.
  • A triple room.
  • Six rooms doubles, one of these with own bath.
  • Four independent bathrooms.

Free wifi throughout the farmhouse.

We have TV with Canal Plus Liga to see all the major parties in the Spanish League.