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From here you can descarregarvos one of the routes for Space Nautal River Valley Llobregós GPS

Aubaga-Solana route:

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Molí del Cava route:

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Less Gesses route:

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Paratges rutes a prop de Les Pletes

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Walking across La Segarra

Route GR Riu Llobregós Valley:

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Routes through La Segarra. Natural Areas

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Routes from Les Pletes

From Les Pletes to Molí del Cava

Route from Les Pletes to Molí del Cava

We left the house of Les Pletes east and headed north to our right some farms left in our wake, we continue to address Talteüll but before reaching the town we went down we break left and cross the road between Guissona to Solsona, we for a garden and climb a path with a strong climb, we arrive at the Farmhouse de las Matas, continue straight for 1 km and turn right, where a small pond and oak, we went up after the Sierra with viewpoint included, lowered strong to over Piqué, we arrived at the farmhouse and Molí del Cava - Riu Llobregós, where we see the waterfall old lock.

Roundtrip Distance: 15.4 km

Natural Areas Tours

Riu Llobregós Valley

Riu Llobregós Valley. Natural Area

LRiu Llobregós Valley meets a group of villages and farmsteads in a markedly rural landscape. This environment has the only protected area in the region of La Segarra (PEIN), with an area of 1,190 ha. the municipalities of Sanaüja, Biosca and Massoteres.

These are some of the routes that can be done in the Vall del Llobregós:

  • Aubaga-Solana route:
  • Molí del Cava route:
  • Route of les Gesses

You can will download GPS routes on this page, as well as information from the valley.

From Les Pletes to Talteüll

Route from Les Pletes to Talteüll

The route leaves the same house Pletes taking Les across the field until we reached the road in the east and go towards the north, we had a farm and we follow the main road to the village of Talteüll, beautiful views and we can visit the Romanesque church of San Pedro, which is composed of two apses.

Roundtrip Distance: 5.4 km.

Granollers-Llobregós Wetlands

From the Area of Natural Interest Llobregós River Valley can access the new route that has driven this year the County Council and the Association Segarra Llobregós space. The itinerary starts at the Information Point in the open, called the Casa Nova, or access point west of the NIA, which is accessed from the old road to Sanaüja Guissona, once past the river bridge on the right.

From Les Pletes to Bassa de Palouet

Route from Les Pletes to  Bassa de Palouet

The route passes through typical landscapes with a brief gap Segarra arrived at Bassa de Palouet after approximately 2km runs. Here you will find a screen watching for bird watching and birds of this part of the Bassa, we backtrack to where we have or we can approach 500m north to the small town of Palouet making a nice visit his helmet old.

Roundtrip Distance: 5.4 km.

Wetlands Granollers de Segarra

Recently it has launched Wetlands or marshes Granollers Granollers de Segarra in Torrefeta and Florejacs Township, near the town of Selvanera, the road to Sanaüja Guissona old, breaking the left we found a sign that we leads to the small core of Segarra Granollers, only 3 or 4 houses within the village find a signal that puts "Granollers marshlands of 800 m" and that will lead to lower Wetlands, we will drive to see the P parking, and prepare to begin the adventure.

From Les Pletes to River Llobregós

Route from Les Pletes to River Llobregós

We left the house behind the garden until you reach a junction and turn left heading north, follow the main road to the river Llobregós on the bridge of the Mas Bon Pas, go back a few feet back to find your way going home again and east 1 km to take a bag to the right with a strong climb that takes us to Palouet here visit the town, and we head towards the Balsa de Palouet to return to Les Pletes towards the west.

Total distance: 9 kms. Route: circular

Landscape of La Segarra near Les Pletes